white veins in tomatoes

The cause of white veins in tomatoes

Food imbalance at the growth stages leads to the formation of white streaks in tomatoes (after cutting).

One of the rumors of recent days in social networks is the news that white veins are carcinogenic in tomato and its relation to cancer. The rumor is as follows: “The presence of white veins in tomatoes on the market is a sign of nitrate and the remainder of the toxins and fertility that causes cancer.”

Answer to the rumor:
White streaks usually indicate a food imbalance in a product and is not related to nitrates!
For example, if the calcium or phosphorus of tomatoes is less than normal, it does not color well during growth! And this balance of food is also common in other vegetables and veggies.

If you use chemical fertilizers without soil and plant tests, there is the probability of nitrate accumulation in vegetables and seedlings, which can not be detected by appearance!

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