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organic production

Some believe that the production of non-toxic food or chemical fertilizers is the same as organic production. Others believe that the naturalness of a product represents its organicity. Others also believe that the actual flavor in a food product implies its organicity.

Organic products are subject to inspection for at least a period of three to four years, which consists of pre-production stages until delivery. If, on the other hand, each of the various agencies involved claims to monitor and control the production and inspection of these products. According to the definition given in the book on organic farming (by Hossein Mahmoudi et al., 2008, Mashhad Jihad Publishing House),

One of the major differences between organic farming and other sustainable agricultural schools is the existence of specific standards for the set of operations, methods and inputs that are used to produce, process and market these products. Therefore, production of the product, no matter what chemical, if not produced according to the standard, is not an organic product.

The problem is that in our country, despite the standardized standards for organic products (standard 11000) and healthy (GAP) standards, some of the relevant institutions do not endorse them, which also adds to the disadvantages of these products.

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