Identification of organic production potential in the southeast of the country

organic production potential

Identification of organic production potential

During visits to different areas in the southeastern part of the country and exchanges of views among experts from the Jihad-e-Agriculture, engineering services and farmer companies, and close observation of the production process, it can be concluded that in these regions, the potential of organic products, including organic banana, onion Organic dates, Organic dates, Organic grapes (Yagutti), Potatoes and Argani onions, and some of the hot fruits that require study and investment activities.

Among the goals of this trip are:

1. Interviews between experts on organic production

2- Visiting pristine areas and familiarity with traditional agricultural systems

3. Training for farmers

4. Setting the timing to continue the supply of organic products

5- Establish communication networks between organic producers

6. Requests for export of organic products to the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea

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