Major shop of organic and healthy products of Gokarn

In recent decades, the great use of chemical inputs in agriculture, has disturbed the health of farmers and consumers and has caused skin diseases, cancers, poisoning and fatal, chronic diseases, and degradation of natural agroecosystem and environment, and also upset natural balance. Thus, the health of crops and the development of organic farming have been highly regarded.

From perspective of consumers, the availability and appropriate prices of healthy and organic agricultural products, as well as validity of organic brands are most important issues.

Gokarn Co.® that founded in 2010 in Isfahan, Iran distribute its products in two brands “Abgineh” and “Gokarn”. This products are classified in four groups, Wild, Certified, Salem (safe and healthy) and Organic. We collect healthy wild plants, dried, pack and market them. Certified and Salem products has permissible level (limit) of toxins. Organic products are produced and processed under inspection of inspectors and then certified as organic.

We are formed Organic group of Isfahan for following these purposes:

– Collection and supply of healthy and organic agricultural products and food that have a valid certificate or confirmed test results, with providing the specifications of each product.

– Information submits of safe, certified and organic products’ producers all over the country and creating the necessary measures for experiences exchange to each other.

– Healthy and organic agricultural production and the availability of these products to the general public.

– Providing to date prices based on distance between production and supply, type of product certification, etc.