Clean water, clean land, clean man
Healthy food, healthy people, healthy Society
Survival Forces us get to know
Man should think about own food (with the wisdom). (Abas Sura, verse 23)
If you know D.D.T is one of the most dangerous agricultural pesticides, can also be transmitted from mother to child
5 to 10 percent discounts on healthy and organic products for specific patients

Advantages of membership in consumers' group of healthy and organic food products
  • Informing about sales representatives of the healthy and organic food products in all parts of the city and country
  • Informing about exhibitions and festivals of healthy and organic food products in the city and Iran
  • Send free organic quarterly newsletter
  • Informing about new products
  • Free training courses such as introduction of organic farming principles and the hazardous of pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Informing about news and advices on using healthy and organic food products
  • Facilities such as free post, monthly discounts and….


Dear consumer, your registered information will be kept confidential , and will be used in planning , informing and attracting your satisfaction.

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