Clean water, clean land, clean man
Healthy food, healthy people, healthy Society
Survival Forces us get to know
Man should think about own food (with the wisdom). (Abas Sura, verse 23)
If you know D.D.T is one of the most dangerous agricultural pesticides, can also be transmitted from mother to child
5 to 10 percent discounts on healthy and organic products for specific patients

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Organic agriculture is a production system devoid of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, hormones and genetic manipulations. It’s a comprehensive management system evaluating product quality and quantity, producing, processing and supply of products, and monitoring security of ecosystem and community relations. All processes of producing to supply of product are inspected. This system is defined in various forms.

For instant, in 1996 the National Organic Standards Board defines it as an ecological production management developing biological cycles and activities by minimum utilization of exterior inputs and conservation of ecological stability.

IFOAM in 2008 describes organic agriculture as a production system supporting human health and ecosystems. It’s consists of trade, innovation, beneficial sciences for environment and promotion of related exhibitions.