Clean water, clean land, clean man
Healthy food, healthy people, healthy Society
Survival Forces us get to know
Man should think about own food (with the wisdom). (Abas Sura, verse 23)
If you know D.D.T is one of the most dangerous agricultural pesticides, can also be transmitted from mother to child
5 to 10 percent discounts on healthy and organic products for specific patients

For more than three decades, international attention to the issue of environmental protection and for nearly two decades, sustainable development has been discussed. Before this, only economic perspective and revenue efficiency were considered in all projects. So in the 1970s, policy makers and development planners thought about such economic growth will lead to environmental degradation, social inequality, reduction sources etc. , and compensation of these problems will cause enormous economic losses in long-time.

Organic agriculture contributes to sustainable development and refers to a set of activities operates for reducing abnormal inputs and non-usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, synthetic preservatives, chemical drugs, genetic engineering organisms productions and wastewater. Because of rising concerns about base sources contamination, safety of food, human and animals, as well as more attention to the value of ecosystem, studies indicate that world welcoming from organic agriculture is promising.

Studies in developed countries have shown that consumers are willing to pay 10 to 40 percent more for organic products than non-organics. Nowadays, many chain stores offer organic products and there is a booming market in these products and the potential demand exceeds supply.

We will expect that demand for organic products continues increasing in the future, so limitations of organic products make opportunity for developing countries to enter the organic market and take their contribution.

In addition to the environmental and economic benefits mentioned, due to need for more workers, organic agriculture has many benefits in terms of social and it can increase job opportunities. Organic agriculture also restores traditional practices and foods and plays an important role in strengthening social cohesion.

In the Green Revolution strategy with the aim of food supply for the growing global population (because of health care services improvement and access to better quality foods and variety , and increasing life expectancy in developed countries and most developing countries) also relies on short-term goals and maximize yield.