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Man should think about own food (with the wisdom). (Abas Sura, verse 23)
If you know D.D.T is one of the most dangerous agricultural pesticides, can also be transmitted from mother to child
5 to 10 percent discounts on healthy and organic products for specific patients
Created on 21 February 2013

Abgine Zende Rood company, Organic designs executive, the first active company in the country, it is produced and marketed about 60 tonnes healthy vegetable products , grains, cereals and farm products such as potatoes, onions and medicinal plants in this year. Today the company's director told: production of these products include vegetables, grains, cereals and farm products such as potatoes, onions and medicinal plants. Mr Rezaei said: The production of organic products, will increase quality of them by approximately 90%. He said: for organic potato production, instead of using chemical fertilizers, we can use composted manure and green manure as well as nitrogen-fixing useful bacteria, and for control of pests and diseases, virus-free tubers, natural pesticides alternative to chemical pesticides.

CEO of the company told: to produce safe products, organic fertilizers and pesticides and natural pesticides should alternative to chemical pesticides. For producing of healthy and organic products, researchers were constructed a research farm about 5.5 acres.